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Here are some specialized tools I could never do without when putting a Broadcast Station together. Purchase everything on this page for under $500.00 and you will be in good shape. 

 In all the stations I build every wire has a label.
Brady Wire Label Maker

Click here to purchase this Label Maker for under $100.00

Brady Label Tape

Click here to purchase this tape for less than $22.00

Brother P Touch Label Maker for Equipment

Click here to purchase this Equipment Label Maker for under $60.00

Click here to purchase this 1/4 inch tape for the above P-Touch Under $18.00 for a (5) pack.

USB to Serial NULL cable. This is a must have to rescue a Barix 500.


Click here to purchase this USB to NULL Serial Adapter for Under $25.00

USB to Ethernet Adapter. I would always have several of these. They come in real handy since may of the little computers don’t have ethernet connectors.



Click here to purchase this USB to Ethernet Adapter for under $15.00

XLR-Female to 1/4 inch adapter. This is a handy testing tool to check if there is audio at an output, like the Barix 500.



Click here to purchase this XLR Female to 1/2 Adapter for un $7.00

Click here to purchase these 1/4 Inch to 1/8 Inch adapters for under $7.00

GOgroove Durable Heavy Duty Earbuds (Green) – Ergonomic In-Ear Earphones w/ Rugged Cable, Microphone, & On Board Controls – Noise Isolation & Reinforced Metal Driver Housing


Click here to purchase these earbuds for under $20.00. They are GREAT. I have 3 sets.

Small inexpensive, simple test set.

Click here to purchase this simple multi functional testing system for under $30.00. Small and you must have it.

Cable Repair kit. This is a must have.

Click here to purchase this Cable Repair kit for under $30.00

Comprehensive, inexpensive, small tool kit. A must have to follow our instructions.  This little tool kit really gets the job done.  

Click here to purchase this comprehensive, inexpensive tool kit. I know your engineer has all the tools , but what will you do when he isn’t there? Under $60.00. Just about everything you need to follow our instructions. 

Black & Decker AD600 6-Volt Alkaline 1/4-Inch Hex Cordless Drill/Driver with Accessory Assortment. I have one of these at all our stations.  This drill is durable, lightweight and perfect for rack work. 



Click here to purchase this excellent little electric drill for under $20.00.

Kline Scout Tester. I love this tool. Saves many hours of testing. 
  • Kit includes: 1 Scout® Pro 2 Tester, 1 self-storing remote, 5 LanMap™ RJ45 Location Remotes, 5 CoaxMap™ F-connector Location Remotes, 1 coax barrel F adapter, manual and 9V battery
  • Includes voltage warning, shield detection, auto power off, low battery indicator and a self-storing remote Tests voice (RJ11/12), data (RJ45) and video (F-connector) coax connections
  • Utilize the 5 LanMap™ and 5 CoaxMap™ Location Remotes to identify cable runs
  • Test for open, short, miswire or split-pair faults

Click here to purchase this might Kline Ethernet tester and more for under $80.00. When you need to test your satellite cable or your ethernet cables you must have this device.