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Barix Boxes

Here are the Barix Boxes I use for all our stations.

Instreamer – IP Audio Encoder  $379.00. I use this as an STL to send audio to the Transmitter or as a Monitor to send the station Modulation Monitor out. 


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Barix Exstreamer 100 IP Audio Stream Decoder-by-Barix $195.00 I use this to decode the signal from the Instreamer above. 


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Exstreamer 500 for about $500.00. This is my preferred bidirectional STL for radio stations. almost all our stations use a pair of these to get the programming from the studio to the Transmitter. The best part about these boxes is that you can insert a USB Thumb Drive into these units as a backup in the event the internet goes down. It will automatically play your audio files, Id’s etc then immediately switch back when the internet returns. 

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Tivoli Audio Model One M1CLA AM / FM Table Radio, Classic / Walnut for Under $150.00. If you need a super good air monitor, or EAS receiver this is the best I have found. Very sensitive, will return to the tuned station after a power interruption, has outputs and separate antenna connections. .  

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