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EWTN Broadcast Support

NEW Launched January 2020

We Run Your Catholic EWTN Station 24/7

No Equipment Needed, No Engineering Fees

Reliable, We Do Your Production , Our Company is Catholic Owned and Operated with 20 years Experience

You started a Catholic FM Station, Good for you! Catholic Radio coverage has tippled in the past 5 years. Since startling your station you discovered it takes more effort and man power than anyone ever  realized. Now it’s a labor of love and a giant responsibility.  This is where we come in.  We program and operate your station from beautiful Stuart, Florida. We have all new Dell Professional Computers, loaded with current Windows 10 Pro and current BSI Simian Pro Software. All systems have ASI Audio Cards, and external Audio Switcher to improve reliability. We have dual, Fiber and Cable Internet. All our equipment is in a sealed temperature controlled room with dual UPS automatic power backup.   We have EWTN Classic, EWTN Domestic, EWTN Spanish, Relevant Radio and VMPR Networks inhouse 24/7. We have live capability via Barix , Comrex and yes, Local Live From our Conference Studio.

Why are we doing this? We are Catholic Owned and Operated, we want to keep Catholic Radio Growing, control costs, provide super reliability, and make all or stations sound totally profesional 24/7. All this is don with one affordable check a month.

We will do as much or as little as you require. In our normal set up our equipment feeds your transmitter site directly. You tell us what your programs schedule is, we build the logs. We make it easy for you to insert your underwriting or we can do it for you. We can provide 3 weather reports daily for you market.

Basic Plan
$1,000 Stat Up, $650.00 Monthly

You provide us with your Simian Software, Audio Card and Switcher, Barix 100 or 500 STL, Audio Processor. We provide the Computer with windows 10, DualMon, Sharefile, Network feed, Logs and logging Software. 

Intermediate Plan $6,600 Start UP $975.00 Monthly

We provide the Dell Computer, Simian Pro Software, 8 Channel Switcher, Professional Audio Processor, Barix STL 500.

Basic Plus Plan $3,600 Start Up $775.00 Monthly

We provide The Dell Computer, all the equipment necessary to operate your station including audio card, Simian Lite, Audio Processor, Switcher, Streaming to Securenet. 

Delux Plan $8,500 Start Up,
$1,275.00 Monthly

Call or Text Ron Crider 772-913-2209 For details

Who We Are

We are MIS Consulting Stuart Florida. 25 years in the Computer and internet backbone systems. We have 24/7 support to all our clients. The Broadcast site of our business is headed by Ron Crider and Bob Biermann. Crider and Biermann have owned and operated numerous stations with at least 90 years experience in broadcasting, management and engineering between them 

Some Of Our Stations and People