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Links to the most trusted names in Broadcasting.

We are listing only the companies and services we frequently use.

Barix: Swiss made, very reliable STL and Remote Codecs.

Barix: Use this site to update software. It’s free. Use this Barix Product site to look-up their product. Click here to get Barix new software or rescue software. Barix Downloads.

Broadcast Tools: This company makes many valuable tools for Broadcasters.  We use the ACS 8.2 Plus Audio Switcher with our Simian Software. For Remote Control we use these items: WVRC 8 Plus. or the WVRC 4 Plus.

BSI: Home of Simian Pro and Lite Automation. Click here to go to the BSI Website. Click here to see the Audio Science Audio Cards.

Comrex: We have been using Comrex equipment since the `1990’s. Their equipment has proven to extremely reliable with excellent customer support. We love their Access, Portable Access, the Bric ll, the Stac Digital  IP Telephone System and now the new Access NX and the Opal.

Comrex new Opal lets your guest connect to your studio using his Cell Phone or computer, with free software. This gives you guest studio quality on the air. The Opal’s List price is $1,700.00. Check out this video on the Opal.

The Comrex Access NX is a very user friendly all in one remote system with two microphone inputs. The list price is $4,000.00.  Perfect for just about any remote. Check out this video on the Access NX.

Comrex Device Manager: Please click here to download the Device Manager for Mac or Apple. This is an important tool to upgrade your software as well reset and program your Access, Bric and Stac VIP.


FCC. Gov: This is a great place to get FCC  information. Here is the link to the AM Query and here it the link to the FM Query.

Luci Live Lite:

The LUCI Live software not only ‘streams’ to the LUCI Studio software, but also to other standard studio set-ups and hardware, such as Comrex, Telos and/or Dalet, etc. The only prerequisite for the set-up and software installation is a reasonable technical know-how of audio systems. However, the interfaces so user-friendly they can easily be operated and controlled by a layperson following the basic instructions.


Radio Locator: is another excellent source for getting Radio station information.