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BSI Simian Metadata

Special Applications for BSI Simian Automation 

BSI Simian Pro Automation Metadata

Revised 11/2/17

Metadata is a major item when streaming your station. I realize writing this information on all the files is one additional step, however it is extremely important for your listeners as well as your sponsors and underwriters. Why? As responsible broadcasters we must always strive to publish the most information we can about our clients. Now with the mobile listeners growing at a rapid pace this information it even more important.  

Examples of Metadata that will appear on the listeners screen on Phones, Tablets and PCs

The Son Rise Morning show 6-7 AM Weekdays here on WPBV

Matt Swain & Anna Mitchell

Open Line Live call 888-777-2222 Now

Ron Crider Real Estate 772-777-8888  rcrealestate.com


The above examples of some metadata gives the listeners the information they may need to call in, email a question or go to a client’s website right on their screen.

There are several ways to make this happen with your existing BSI Simian Pro 2.3. and even some early versions.

  1. For Live EWTN or Satellite Programs:  Just record a blank audio file for 10 seconds. Write the intended metadata in the Title/Description  and Artist/Advertiser space on the file in Soundhound. Then, insert this immediately after the switcher command to switch to the satellite with a + (Plus Sign). Since the Metadata is always flowing to the internet (unless turned off) the information you inserted will appear on the listeners screen until new metadata is sent. You will need to insert this information each time following the network join on your log for it to appear each time. This can easily be accomplished using Natural Log or Natural Grid.

Streaming Vendor; We use Securenetsystems.net exclusively. They process this metadata information as a normal part of their streaming. They also have a universal player that functions on all phones, tablets and computers. Please contact me for special prices from Securenet Systems. Text me Ron Crider at 772-913-2209  

Please watch the video below to see how to implement this feature for your station using your BSI Simian Pro Automation. If you have questions please text me 772-913-2209 Ron Crider